GMS Geotechnical is a complete turnkey provider of geotechnical services with 12 regional offices throughout the United States and Canada.

Solutions provided include:

  • Micropilings 

  • Robotic Shotcrete

  • Soil Stabilization / Soil Nailing

  • Sensitive Blasting Services 

  • (NxBurst / Gas Cartridges) 

  • Rock Bolting

  • Retaining Wall Design / Installation

  • PU injection

  • Grout injection

  • Void Detection

  • Void Fill and Backfill

  • Dam Restoration

  • Bore Hole Scope/Camera

  • Engineering Services 

  • Bench Cleaning and Servicing 

  • Confined Space Excavation and Cleaning with Remote Vehicle



GMS Geotechnical
32 Enterprise Drive, Oakland, MD 21550
(202) 446-8884

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GMS Geotechnical is a division of GMS Mine Repair & Maintenance

Sensitive, non-detonating, rock blasting in urban areas with nitrogen gas cartridges with minimal percussion or fly rock.